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In 2017, Happy Chinese New Year is expecting Over hundreds of artists from China will participate in various events. For sure they will bring an unforgettable Chinese New Year to our audiences.

The Chinese Orchestra of China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater


The Chinese Orchestra of China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater was founded in 1950, which marked the first Chinese traditional orchestra at the national-level. The orchestra gradually formed a unique artistic style along with Chinese operas and dance dramas and offers one of the most diverse music and stage expression ability. 

The orchestra is continually improving under the guidance of the renowned composer/conductor Liu Wenjin who served as the president of the theater since 1995. After years of musical innovation, the orchestra has accumulated a large number of well-known concert music works, which not only retains the essence of traditional Chinese folk music, but also makes the progress and development of national music innovation and fruitfulness. Under the impetus of Mr. Liu Wenjin, the orchestra began cooperation with Japanese and Korean musicians to form the “Orchestra Asia” since 2003.  Each year “Orchestra Asia” will give concerts in Japan, Korea, China and other parts of Asia, as well as the acting orchestra for political events between Japan, China and Korea.

In addition to touring different cities in China, the orchestra is internationally recognized and has travelled to over 30 countries (America, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, Korea, and Japan) for performances and culture exchange. In 1998, the orchestra held a concert in the Great Hall of the People to welcome US President Bill Clinton to visit China. In 2013, the orchestra participated in “The Ninth Samarkand International Music Festival” and won the first place for instrumental group in Uzbekistan.

The orchestra boasts a full-size traditional Chinese orchestra performing unique classical concerts such as, Prosperous Time Harmonics, Ten Famous Pieces, Chinese Opera Classics, Past Times, and Golden Melodies. Along with the larger concerts, the orchestra has a variety of ensemble concerts such as, Moon Reflected in the Second Spring · Butterfly Lovers, and Blossoms on a Spring Moonlit Night. In order to develop Chinese traditional music in a more diversified way, the orchestra has explored audiovisual concerts, classical films, and television works such as, Four Great Classical Novels and Cartoon Concert. In 2005 the orchestra produced a new symphonic concert The Heroes that topped box office records multiple times. The concert perfectly combined traditional music with Kung Fu movies and TV plays.