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Join us to celebrate Chinese New Year in Australia 2018 

To celebrate Chinese New Year 2018, four spectacular events direct from China will be staged in Australia and New Zealand as part of the official program for the Chinese New Year Festival 2018.

1.Treasures of a Nation by the Chinese Orchestra of China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater

The prestigious  Chinese Orchestra of China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater has made New Zealand debut and Australian return tour with Treasures of a Nation to celebrate Chinese New Year Concert in Auckland, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne in February 2018. Treasures of a Nation has promised to be a transcendent experience that merges ancient and modern art form, showcasing China’s diverse musical heritage and discovering audiences to a new world of music, stunning visuals and virtuosity. Soaring melodies from both traditional Chinese style and contemporary music are guaranteed to ring in the year of the Dog in breathtaking cultural style.

With a history of over 60 years, China National Opera and Dance Theater is known as the first national-level Chinese traditional orchestra. Its renowned Traditional Chinese Orchestra led by conductor Hong Xia and principal Gaohu soloist Bai Miao performs music that merges traditional Chinese style with contemporary music. The orchestra has a unique artistic style that is composed of over 50 musicians many of whom have taken part in national and international instrumental music competitions and received many prizes.

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2. Chinese New Year ‘ Eve Concert — East Meets West

Enjoy stunning performance combining traditional and contemporary music!

Top-notch Chinese tenors and Australian sopranos will perform jointly with the Chinese and Australian symphony orchestras on the grand stage of the Opera House to celebrate Lunar New Year. Uniting East and West with music, the performance will definitely be a once-in-a-life-time experience.





3.China Village at NMF

National Multicultural Festival (NMF) is a community festival held annually each February in Canberra and is a platform aimed at cultural exchanges between different ethnic communities in Australia. It features varied and exciting art performances presented by various ethnic groups, and offers a great opportunity for the public to taste the delicious food from different countries. This year, an inaugural China Village has been introduced to NMF where Chinese arts troupes from Shaanxi, Chengdu,Beijing and Tianjin performed brilliant dance, acrobatics and kungfu etc. Meanwhile, the Chinese cultural products have been displayed in over 20 stalls.


4. Chinese New Year’s Eve Banquet 

Treat your taste buds to the exquisite Luna New Year’s Eve dinner at the Opera House!

The Luna New Year’s Eve dinner is the most important meal in Chinese culture. The meaning of it has gone beyond food – it is the symbol of joyful family union and hopeful anticipation of the coming year. Now here’s an extraordinary chance for you to have a taste of it! Extinguished chefs will serve you an unforgettable Luna New Year Eve’s dinner at the Opera House.

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